Monday, March 14, 2011

Breakfast with Chin Han

I was having breakfast with Mum at a coffee shop in Ghim Moh, and who should we bump into but Ng Chin Han of The Dark Knight and 2012 fame! I had gone to get my food, and Mum asked me if the guy sitting just behind was Chin Han. Indeed it was!

So we hopped over to get an autograph and a photo, both of which he graciously granted. We used to stay in the same block as him, actually, but had never seen him on the premises. He was very normal, not a "movie star"-type egotist at all, and was very measured but friendly. He said that Christopher Nolan definitely will get an Oscar eventually, and that he was grateful to have been cast in The Dark Knight as clearly they could've chosen any actor they wanted for the part. Also, he said acting alongside such actors as Morgan Freeman was an "indescribable" experience, like "painting with Picasso" - I'm sure I'd feel much the same way.

Mum and I were pretty starstruck, and just couldn't believe it for quite a while afterwards. I've not met a lot of celebrities, so this is really special. Even if I had, it means a lot to get a picture with the only Singaporean who's been in a Batman movie, gone toe-to-toe with Morgan Freeman, and saved John Cusack and family from drowning (sacrificing his own leg in the process). Thanks Chin Han, and looking forward to Contagion, in which he will next appear!


  1. It is awesome that he's had breakfast with both morgan freeman and you, but even more awesome that he still goes to hawker centres!

    1. That much is true! This happened more than two years ago but it's something to remember. I think Chin Han is doing Singapore proud with the work that he's been doing and I'm looking forward to seeing him in more projects.