Sunday, September 9, 2012

STGCC 2012 Pics!

About a week late, here are a selection of photographs from the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention 2012!

I was covering the event for

Press Preview Day
Play Imaginative Super Alloy Batman
Hot Toys Batman and The Dark Knight
Hot Toys Avengers
Interview with Mark Nagata - Part 1

 I'm with comics book writer and co-creator of 'The Losers', Andy Diggle.

 Play Imaginative's exclusive Super Alloy Batman figure.

 I'm with artist Kelvin Chan and a print of the 'Dredd' movie poster he drew

 With cosplayer Sarah Ann as Cassandra Cain Batgirl!

 From left: Andy Diggle, artists Leinil Yu and Tristan Eaton

 Tristan Eaton at work

 Leinil Yu at work

 Leinil Yu's completed 'Singaporean Superhero' piece

 The lovely cosplayer Victoria as Poison Ivy. I feel an itch coming on!

 Anne Hathaway as Catwoman by Hot Toys.

 Christian Bale as Batman by Hot Toys

 Heath Ledger as the Joker by Hot Toys

 Michael Keaton as Batman, with the Keaton-car, by Hot Toys

 The Avengers diorama by Hot Toys

 The Hulk gives me a hand!

 Hot Toys! 

 Nicole and Hillary as Gender-flipped Joker and her Harley Quinn.

 With toy designer, collector and illustrator Mark Nagata, after the interview with him.

 With a cosplayer dressed as Zatanna

 The lovely faces behind the lovely faces of Hot Toys: the sculptors and figure artists

 Michael Keaton as Batman by Hot Toys

 Clare as the Oracle

 "Accessing database now, Bruce..."

 The Empire would very much like to take me hostage.

 At the 501st Legion booth; a donation to the Children's Cancer Society gets you a change to fire NERF bullets at this unfortunate stormtrooper. And they have a working R2 replica! 

 More of Hot Toys' striking Avengers diorama

 Thor, Loki, Sif, and, uh, me

 Hot Toys' camo Batmobile

 Tom Hardy as Bane, by Hot Toys

 Jason as Batman

 Reno as Bane and Vivianne as Catwoman - should I be concerned that he's pointing in my general direction?
 This Diablo suit was killer, lit up and everything

 In the same vein, one of the very, very best Iron Man cosplays I've ever seeen

 The fine folks at 'Fightsaber' constructed their own replica lightsabers and choreographed a very neat stunt saber performance, complete with shocking twist ending.

 The DC gang is all here! I was in geek heaven.

 With Kiellne as Red Robin

All the minors Bruce Wayne has endangered over the years

 Reboot Lara with an action figure of Angelina Jolie's movie incarnation!

 There's a doctor in the house!

 He's brandishing flick-out knives, I'm brandishing an empty Fanta sample cup

 This was cool - Mara Jade and Mini Mara! Apparently the Dad was dressed as a Scout Trooper, too!


 Deadpool strikes a pool-pose

Hot Toys' 1/4 scale, 18-inch Batman with all the accessories! 

Including an uncanny Christian Bale headsculpt.

 STGCC Exclusive: Hot Toys POTC Angelica

 STGCC Exclusive: Hot Toys SWAT Commissioner Gordon

 STGCC Exclusive: Hot Toys Rescue Captain America

Hot Toys Jake Sully, from Avatar

 Hail to the (Master) Chief!

Sure would be hard for her to stay 'low-key' in this outfit.


  1. You seemed to have missed the lightsaber performance on stage

    1. Thanks for pointing out the Fightsaber performance! I wasn't able to get many good photos so didn't think to post them up; will rectify said issue now. Thank you for your comment! :D


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