Friday, November 12, 2010

The Movie and Me - an Introduction

One of the actual Tumbler Batmobiles used during the filming of "The Dark Knight". And me.

Hello everyone, Jedd here. Singaporean, mid-late teens, nerd through-and-through, movie buff, erstwhile writer, action figure collector, originally from Krypton, Vulcan or Tatooine. My parents change the story every time I ask.

I've been writing movie reviews for the longest time, I generally write reviews only for films that I see in theatres. They've been collecting dust, seen by no one, read by no one. In fact, few can verify the existence of these reviews. Everyone I've spoken to says the same thing.

"Start a blog".

So after some delay (I was busy writing a virus to take down those spaceships over LA, Washington DC and other major American cities) here it is. A blog. Here is where you'll find my reviews, new and old. Think of it as Roger Ebert-lite. Very lite.

I will use pictures as often as I can to break up the monotony of the text. When I get halfway through a movie novellisation, I'm very thankful for those eight pages of glossy movie stills. Especially when it's a junior novel. Same logic here. These pictures are either my own or, more often, sourced from the internet, and used for illustration purposes only. If you happen to own the photos and would rather I not use them, contact me and I will remove them.

Also, typographical errors do not mean I'm not interested in what I'm writing and am therefore doing so lazily. More often than not, typos occurr when I'm too excited to actually write properly.

This blog will also be used to showcase other things that escaped from my mind in the hopes of never being caught. Art, customized action figures, film-related musings and trivia, violin-playing that I've posted on YouTube and dung sculptures. I was kidding about that last one.

So, Jurassic Park.

Just don't blame me if/when the T-rex escapes from her pen. I'm just a writer.


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