Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Movie Fanart

So, as you have perhaps gathered from the previous entries, I'm a writer at heart. but I'm also an artist at heart. You can't spell heart without "art". What I'm trying to say is, though I may not be too good at it, I also like to draw, and more often than not it's movie fanart. Actually, more often than not it's DC Comics fanart, but that sometimes overlaps with films. Main mediums used are coloured pencils and my Wacom Bamboo Fun digital tablet, which I have been neglecting for a while. Sorry Bamboo, I'll draw again when I feel like it.
"I believe...I believe that whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you...STRANGER."

"The difference between you and me is that...I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS."

I'm not a huge Batman Returns fan, but Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman was genius.
"Life's a bitch, and am I!"
"Thesze shadezs haulp im-provve maih po-li-ticz. I swe-eh-yah"

Cleavage corrupts. And abosulte cleavage corrupts absolutely!
Sir Alec, no need to be embarrassed. You were a big part of making Star Wars awesome.
If I may say so myself, this drawing emotes more than he ever did onscreen!

Yes, even horrific films that I haven't seen deserve the love

Pocahontas, new and improved, starring 9-ft-tall blue humanoid cat people!
From the mind of James Cameron.

"That Na'vi chick is totally cramping my style. And, I have prettier hair."
Salivating over Natalie Portman now = quite kosher.
Salivating over Natalie Portman in 1994 = not so much.
The original makes way for...

...the new guy, who anxiously hopes his tenure will continue past MGM's bankruptcy.
If not then he can always dress up in a cowboy hat and shoot at aliens alongside Harrison Ford.

As a younger boy I didn't feel bad about lusting after a sixteen-year-old mermaid.
Now the guilt is catching up.

 Thanks for looking. And there's more where that came from over at my DeviantArt page: I just hope my parents aren't reading this...but if they are, it's not too bad as they probably know all my movie crushes already.

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  1. if you can see this, i have succeeded.

    i suppose i should comment properly haha.

    you draw better than me!! i fear even picking up a pencil ><


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