Sunday, August 25, 2013

International Cosplay Day Singapore 2013

I attended the International Cosplay Day Singapore event at *SCAPE Warehouse today - even though I didn't recognise a good 95% of the characters represented, I enjoyed myself. Cosplay culture in Singapore does seem to be geared more towards anime/manga creations, which is to be expected given that Singapore is, well, an Asian country. My lack of an affinity with Asian popular culture doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the work on display; I still very much enjoyed and appreciated the amount of effort and dedication that goes into making and wearing a costume and cosplaying as a character one enjoys. Organized by the Neo Tokyo Project, today's event featured events such as a J-Dansu performance by Republic Polytechnic, panels by cosplayers and photographers, the cosplay runway and the highlight, the annual "Cosplay Chess" - a performance involving the participation of over 60 cast and crew members lasting over two hours. Yes, there were technical difficulties and more than a few cringe-inducing moments, but the heart, enthusiasm and hard work on display was hard to deny, and is very worth applauding. Here are a good number of snapshots from the day. Feel free to let me know what the names of the characters are in the comments section below!

Makeup being applied to a soon-to-be Darth Maul at the Fightsaber booth. 

Gooooodbyeeee Nurse. 

Cosplay photographer Jay Tablante (right) with his art director and makeup artist, giving tips to the audience. 

J-Dansu performance by the folks from Republic Polytechnic

This was a triumph etc. etc.

I really appreciated seeing a familiar DC Comics face (or non-face, rather)

The Question Mark club! 

I don't think I get any points for knowing this guy is Sephiroth (and doing a hell of an amazing job at it too)

Celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao at the piano, playing a medley of video game tunes

Jason Koh of the Neo Tokyo Project (and pretty much the mastermind behind the whole thing) as an unmaksed Dr. Doom. I do love the Asian-inspired redesign of the outfit. 

Neil Gaiman's Death! 

Other than an absent goatee, a really cool take on Iron Man.

From left: special guests Singaporean cosplay pioneer Yuanie, mecha cosplayer Clive and Alodia. 

The Maul the Merrier. 


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