Friday, July 26, 2013

Comic Con 2013: The Booths/Exhibits

The convention floor is a wonderland. A congested wonderland packed with people, lines for all manner of things and plenty of jostling, but a wonderland nonetheless. Each and every exhibitor wants to put on a good show, and everybody from the local toy shop to up and coming artists to Hollywood mega-studios has a presence on the floor in some form or another. And it doesn't stop at the convention centre: the Gaslamp district and the area nearby was home to lots of surprises this year, including a tent housing props, costumes and sets from Ender's Game and the spectacular Godzilla encounter, part museum and part theme park attraction to build hype for next year's Godzilla film. 

The (relative) calm before the storm: setting it all up. 

Raleigh's Jaeger pilot suit and young Mako's costume from Pacific Rim

Hannibal Chau's shoes, sunglasses, knife, rings and watch from Pacific Rim.

Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges' costumes from the upcoming Seventh Son

Movie props for sale from auction site "Profiles In History" 

Judge Dredd's uniform from the 2012 film.

The theme from The A-Team is already playing in your head. 

1/4 scale Iron Man and Superman figures from NECA.

Batmen from two eras from NECA. 

I suspect many a cosplayer will be wanting this in their arsenal. 

Predator diorama.


Pacific Rim products. 

It's a jungle at the convention. Literally. 

Adorable Teen Titans inflatables: Beast Boy. 



Robin mocking Raven. 

Life-sized LEGO statues based on the Batman live arena show. 

So, where's Scooby and the gang? It's a mystery. 

A LEGO shire. 

The Silver Samurai gleaming in the San Diego sun. 

Smoke on the water...and minions in the sky! 

Azog poised to strike at con-goers below. 

Costume displays to celebrate Supes' 75th anniversary.
Clark Kent's vagabond clothes from Man of Steel.

Christopher Reeve's outfit. 

And Brandon Routh's. 

Dean Cain's. 

Tom Welling's. 

Henry Cavill's (from the dream sequence) 

Cavill's again. 

More props for auction from "Profiles in History" - Nautilus Crew Dive Helmet from 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea

Indy's hat, satchel rigged for pyrotechnics, whip and Sankara stone from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Rorshach's mask and Nite-Owl's cowl from Watchmen

Constantine's Holy Shotgun (and the Spear of Destiny) 

That's the trouble with them. 

Alfred E. Neuman collage assembled from MAD magazine covers. 

The New 52 Justice League statues 

Iron Man Mark 42 statue. 

The talented students from the Cinema Makeup School hard at work (yes, that's an actual guy in the monster costume). 

Sounds awesome. 

Synth statue from Total Recall. 

Anybody worthy wanna try their hand? 

Reaper from Blade II

"Yo, I heard you like teeth, so I put teeth in teeth so you can bite people while you bite people." 

The Man of LEGO. 

LEGO Iron Man getting plugged in. 

LEGO Yoda 

Yep, I cannot wait for this. 

And now, awesomeness courtesy of Hot Toys: 

Sideshow Collectibles' Man of Steel statue. 

And their beguiling Poison Ivy statue designed by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. 

Life-sized Boba. 

And his quarry. 

The Walking Dead outpost. 

Costumes from Captain America: The First Avenger 

The "home" set from Ender's Game 

The sigils of the various houses from the film. 

Window into the Battle Room.  

Asa Butterfield's costume as Ender. 

Good to know! That was fun. 

Also good to know. Thus begins the Godzilla Encounter! 

What we weren't allowed to photograph was even cooler: we were ushered into a control room with sirens and alarms going off with scientists monitoring movements of the monster going into panic. We were then sent into a passenger elevator headed to the roof to facilitate our escape know it was going to stall. A fireman pried open the door and we exited onto an upper floor in a Japanese office building. Out the window (well, projected on the screens outside the "window") was rainy downtown Tokyo...and then the building shakes and the monster we all know and love stops outside the window to demand "where is Ferris Bueller? I must eat him!" (No, he didn't say that). 

Jenna Louise Coleman's outfit from Doctor Who

This Doctor doesn't wear scrubs. 

That iconic scarf. I overheard someone say he wanted to smash the glass and grab it. 

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's mech suits from the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow (formerly known as All You Need Is Kill). 

Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues. 

Gotta love that water base. 

Henry Thomas as Elliot did actually wear this hoodie! 

The outfit Judy Garland wore in tests for The Wizard of Oz

Julie Andrews' Maria dress from The Sound of Music

Yesh, Shir Shean did in fact wield that pishtol. 

The squirt gun-esque Martian weapon from Mars Attacks! 

The light-up clock from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The battery kinda kills the effect. 

"R2, have you seen my foot?" 

Is this the "little friend"? Why yes, it is! 

A car from the SyFy TV series Defiance


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