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Comic Con 2013: The Cosplay

Hello everyone! I've just returned from my very first Comic Con and am simultaneously dealing with the jet lag and still basking in the joyous, nerdy glow of the sheer excitement over those four days (and one preview night). I've consolidated all my photos and am going to attempt some picture-filled mega posts, so strap in! Speaking of straps, here's the first one, highlighting the cosplay. Comic Con is nothing short of a vast event and so I'm sure there are plenty of incredible cosplays I missed while in line for something, at a panel or otherwise occupied, but here's some that I did catch. 
Where's Wal-pool? Here's Wal-pool!

Professional cosplayer Riddle's Messy Wardrobe
Nerd Reactor writer/cosplayer Genevieve LeBlanc as Reboot Lara

ComicCon: where the criminally insane are on the loose and nobody calls the cops.

It's the Adam West version of Batman paired with a more modern Robin!

And joined by New 52 Wonder Woman!

It's the Master of Magnetism in all his be-spandexed glory!

It's a gender-flipped Joker and the Lady Tardis!

Blackest Night Wonder Woman. Note the eerie-cool contacts.

This Deadpool and his swag bag is headed to break more fourth walls.

Your guide to Uncharted territory! (Well, actually just the outside of Hall H.)
When I met this Thor cosplayer, he was actually having a beer. Now that's authenticity!

Poison Ivy and Batman call a truce (before she overruns the Gaslamp District with murderous vines)
Dredd responded to my Stallone impression with "that's the wrong Judge!"

Got a quick pic with Korra and Mako before calling it a day.

These two were in a hurry to get to the Kingdom of Corona and didn't turn around.

Sydney Savage, Abbey Chase and Agent Zero from the Danger Girl comics

Look at those claws, those arms and those mutton chops: this guy was the real deal! Wanted to shake his hand, but settled for a fistbump.

Gender-flipped Indy! 

And regular Indy! (with Tom Selleck-esque moustache) 

It's alright Mr Zombie Joker sir, I wasn't planning on sleeping anyway. 

"Get over here, O'Neill!" 

Geth your gun! 

Don't even try hittin' on her. 

The galaxy's friendliest devourer of worlds! 

Goin' rogue and crossin' bridges. 
Gender-flippin' at its most elegant! 
Three cheers for Cheerleader Darth Talon!

Cyke you out in the end! 

attog evol annataZ.

Great choice of chaperon, Hellboy. 

It's a female Robin but not Carrie Kelley or Stephanie Brown: speculate away! 

Adorable-ness aside, let's face it: Tony is bound to have some kids running about he's not aware he has. 

Real-life Miranda, meet plastic Miranda! 

Peter Jackson left out the Middle Earth Optician's Office scene.

Mad Love never dies! 

The Cobra forces have invaded the Enterprise-D bridge! 

Ah, Slave Leias. A welcome convention staple. 

Welcome to Wakanda! *Spear'd* 

A sniper from Ragnarok Online.

Yes, I have the high ground and it is mine. 

His blades were indeed retractable and made the most fantastic sound effect.

With the human congestion at the Con, we are all falling over like Dominoes. 

Rorschach leaving ink blots on the pavement! 

Yep, I do wanna be part of that world. 

Raoul Duke is understandably suspicious of the nerd crowd. 

He was hunting for brains and passed right by me. As expected. 

I got her card, but not her number. A shame. 

Gotta love the fancy glove and cane on this Riddler! 

Ruff and Astrid, Viking warriors of legend. 

The Spartan Queen and the Clown Princess of Crime. 

Mary Poppins, Bert the Chimney Sweep, Kevin the Bird, Carl Fredericksen and Dug! Absolutely charming! 

And another gender-flipped Indy to round out Day 2. 

Funny, Flynn's nose turned out different in the photo than in person. 

"Movie fail, but I still commit to cosplay, Kemosabe. Bird on head vouch for that." 

Only Batman can manifest your worst nightmare in broad daylight. 

So most of today was spent waiting in line for Hall H, much like this Ivy. Hence the poorly-taken photos of cosplayers walking by. 

It's Scruffy, the Planet Express team's janitor! Uh-huh. 

ComicCon, where new friendships are LaForge-d. 

Assaj and Thor. Who knows, they might find some common ground. 

And I was wearing my Wonder Woman shirt that day! 

"I will text you, Batman!" 

So, this Bumblebee cosplayer had working lights and everything.  It was a really detailed outfit.

Point the way, Blue Spartan! 

I don't know who this character is, but I bet he turns heads. 


BFFs just walkin'. 

Love how the guy holding the brain on the pole is completely nonchalant. 

D'aww at Shoulder Snowy! 

"Want a convention exclusive? Why not Zoidberg?" 

The Siren Stroll. 

Who wants to bet that's the Cosmic Cube Thor's lugging home? 

Indiana Jones passes by the Line of Doom 

Assassins and Tomb Raiders stand together at ComicCon! 

Sharknado. Enough Said. 

Strollin' BFFs, mark 2. 

"Yes Alfred, I'll be home in time for dinner. Because I'm not in the line for Hall H." 

I'm guessing this guy didn't quite like how that last Batman film ended. Spoilers and checkered pyjama bottoms! 

It's Comic Con, dude! 

I can sympathise, New 52 Joker. I waited in line till my face fell off, too. 

All power to ya. 

They're off to find the rest of the Birds of Prey. 

Lollipops, chainsaws and Dark Horse Comic books! 

This Tusken Raider was pretty pleased with what he did to Threepio. 

Well hello there too, Ms. Isley. 

How sweet, it's Fry and Leela! 

And Nibbler! 

The panel's started without you, Wolverine! 

The Star-Spangled Man himself. We salute you for your service. 

It's Thor, Black Widow, and the Happy Photobomber! 


Mr Scissorhands, your story touched me, even though I can't. 

It's Arkham Ivy! 

Together, they make DragonsBane. 

Awesome shield there, Diana! 

Wasp and Ant-Man just can't wait for their solo movies. 

More Ivy is only a good thing. 

Supergirl, Black Canary, Lady Deadpool and Gender-flipped Nightwing! 

This Peruvian Arrow fan got the whole cast to sign his costume! 

"Comfortable being held like this, I am." 

Doctor No. 7! 
And Day 4 begins with an orange Dalek.

The family that cosplays together, stays together. Yes, Bart is older than Wally. Maybe he travelled back in time after getting a little older. 


Doctors Nine, Ten and Eleven. 

Gender-flipped 11th Doctor and Han Solo! 

This Riddler agreed with me that Jim Carrey's take on the character sucked. Man, this here is what the Riddler should look like in a live-action film. 

This Robin is here to rectify Chris O'Donnell being 30 years old in Batman Forever. 

This is the Waldo you're looking for! 

Complete and total Anarky! 

Nathan, Lara, 

We're gonna wreck it! 

Strange fascinations fascinatin' me. 

I didn't get the exclusive Boba figure, but I did see this guy! 

Man Superman is built. 

Mad Love Mark 2 

Yes, these two were fairy attractive. 

And Boba rounds it all out! 


No Catwoman, not Lil' Hathaway! 

Catwoman vs. Lil Hathaway: Round 2 

Catwoman vs. Lil' Hathaway Round 3! 


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