Sunday, September 1, 2013

STGCC 2013 Day 1: Mega Picture Post

Hey everyone, here's part 1 of my requisite mega picture post for the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention. This year, the event was sponsored by Marvel and they pulled out all the stops, including a life-sized Hall of Armour. I'm very much a DC person myself, but what can you do? And hey, Iron Man's cool no matter how you slice it.

Hot Toys diorama 1: Post-credits scene! 

Hot Toys diorama 2: Research and development. 

                                                        Hot Toys Diorama 3: banishment

Play Imaginative had practically every single "mark" of Iron Man armour on display. These are prototypes though, no plans to produce them all just yet. 


Hot Toys' Secret Basement of Armour

A custom-made Hannibal figure.

And one of Paul.

Invinc without his Deadpool mask and host DJ Elliot Danker. 



An interview in progress with toy designer Nathan Hamill.

Yes yes, his surname sounds familar. He was really, really cool about the Star Wars questions! 

Here he is with his character Strife. 

"I want Snake Eyes like my Nescafe - roasted-d to perfection." 

Gene Whitlock and his trusty, non Bradley Cooper-voiced pal.

"Pepper, come over here. I need help tying my shoelaces."

Deathstroke/Arrow showdown! 

"Tony Stark did this in a CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!" 

Interview in progress with comic book artist and Iron Man movie concept designer, Adi Granov. 

Granov with a copy of his best-known work, the Iron Man Extremis graphic novel. 

U.S.-based cosplayer VampyBitMe (Linda Le) as Jun the Swan from Gatchaman.

"I'm your bodyguard!" 

The Ironette booth babes over by Play Imaginative's display. 

The really cool Endor diorama:
"Jim, these beings will not be reasoned with."

"All hail our master, who gave us blinking eyes 30 years too late! Yub yub!" 

"I'm your father now, oh ho ho!" 

With Rocky Go as Wolverine. 

Sarah as Rapunzel - plus Pascal! 

The acrobat and the little...uh, angel. 

Bibbity Bobbity BOO! 

I'm not worthy. Alas. 

"You're a Croft!" 

I dropped by this random billionaire's place and got comfy. 

Screw shawarma, kibbles and bits is where it's at! 


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